Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drunken Twats of the Day

Mz. Chick has got multiple twats about her bitches peeing themselves laughing and asking Mz. Chick to send them Depends.  Mz. Chick isn't buying you bitches anything, she needs all her money for red wine!  However, she will post smaller updates during the day so those of you who can't control their bladder will have time to reach the toilet.  You're welcome!

Don't forget to send Mz. Chick all of your questions on etiquette (or how to become a drunken whore!) and send her some fan mail (or hate mail, she doesn't care) (read this post for more information).

Top Ten Drunken Twats Of The Day
If you would like to submit your twit, twat, whatever for Mz. Chick's consideration, you can join her on twitter.  If it is truly hilarious, DM her as well so she doesn't miss it.
  1. cellabella1 (Twitter Page): *sings* oh where oh where is my @MzElizaChick? Oh where, oh where can that #fuckwhore be....  (Mz. Chick just loves this drunken bitch!)
  2. RealOldHousewive (Twitter Page):  @AWenchLikeMe Told Bella if I ever catch her on street corner offering to do nasty things to strange dogs for drugs- off to rehab she goes (Twater friends look out for their own!)
  3. KerryHollingswo (Twitter Page): Idiots down the road are shooting guns! redneckfireworks  (#fuckwhores!)
  4. lori024 (Twitter Page): Women were wearing bikinis, stilletto's & fur vests! No shitsky! On the deck of the waterfront restaurant.  (If their is red wine, it sounds like Mz. Chick's kind of crowd!)
  5. MegTheSequel (Twitter Page): I can help you here. Was it a nice pussy smell or like flounder rotting on a dock? (Mz. Chick just threw up in her mouth.)
  6. AmyBartsch (Twitter Page): My poor dog! She is running around like a fart in a skillet! The city's Fireworks are very close by.  (Mz. Chick just loves drunken metaphors!)
  7. RochNRachel (Twitter Page ):  bitch has got acid crotch! (That must hurt!)
  8. thekat0711 (Twitter Page):  Wowww. Email invite, subject "...an organic farm film in French with English subtitles" just wowww. Darn I hope I'm busy that night? (If they have wine, go, otherwise tell them to fuck off.)
  9. Reality_Buzz (Twitter Page):  She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime (Yes Mz. Chick is!)
  10. tracistantord (Twitter Page): @MzElizaChick hahaha,, Great blog Mz. Chick! Keep em coming (Mz. Chick just loves her bitches kissing her ass!  Thank you, darling!)
Mz. Chick almost forgot to post this picture!  The horror!

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